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The Boston Opportunity Agenda

A historic education partnership

The Boston Opportunity Agenda is dedicated to ensuring
that all of Boston’s residents have the opportunity to acquire the
education they need to find work in the region’s knowledge economy
and to help them lead secure, fulfilling lives.

While Boston has many exciting programs and organizations that focus on providing opportunities for individuals, the Boston Opportunity Agenda is a long-term partnership focused on achieving systemic change that will ultimately affect all Boston residents. We fervently believe that by combining our resources, expertise and influence around a single agenda, we will have a greater impact on Boston’s cradle-to-career educational pipeline. 

Boston Opportunity Agenda Seventh Annual Report Card cover
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The Boston Opportunity Agenda's Seventh Annual Report Card

We know that in Boston a post-secondary credential is crucial to full participation in our knowledge economy and entry into the middle class. Over the past eight years, we have made progress on almost every metric of the education pipeline, but we still see large achievement gaps throughout the entire K-12 system. Additionally, only 51 percent of our students are achieving a post-secondary credential.

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