On Track for High School Graduation

Access to High Level Mathematics

Frequently referred to as a “gateway” or “gatekeeper” course, Algebra is the first in a series of higher level math courses required for success in work and life.  Offering Algebra in the 8th grade increases academic rigor and allows students to pursue higher levels of mathematics coursework throughout their high school career.  Research has shown that with each additional level of math completed in high school, students increase the likelihood that they will complete a Bachelor’s degree.

Goal: Increase the number of non-exam 8th Graders enrolled in Algebra I.

Summer Learning
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Impact Story: Summer Learning Academies

In 2017 the Boston Public Schools officially adopted the Boston Summer Learning Project as its flagship summer school offering, rebranding it to the Boston Summer Learning Academies, institutionalizing a demonstration project as a citywide approach to summer learning. 

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