Nonprofit Partnership Proposals

These programs are a just a sampling of the potential nonprofit partners helping Boston youth achieve success after high school

Digital Ready

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Interested in computer science as a growing field in Boston? Digital Ready is offering a citywide AP Computer Science A studio that allows any high school student –  regardless of the high school they attend or the neighborhood they live in – the opportunity to learn more about computer science. As part of the yearlong studio, students will receive four early college credits and emerge with a digital portfolio to obtain a summer tech apprenticeship with The Boston Private Industry Council. Check out more about Digital Ready here!

Grlz Radio

In the form of a remote learning co-op, Grlz Radio is seeking to teach young people about the entertainment industry! Alongside Northeastern University, Boston College and Boston University, Grlz Radio is recruiting high schools who want to learn more about fun, marketable and transferable skills, like media broadcasting, journalism, social media management. Upon successful completion of the program, high school juniors and seniors have the opportunity to stay on board or apply for part-time, paid positions at Spark FM. Learn more about Grlz Radio here


I-USE Lab at Boston College has embarked on a pilot program to engage entire families in science and engineering learning experiences! The program trains high school youth to serve as food justice leaders and mentor families who are provided with their own hydroponics unit (to grow plants) through low-cost physical computing. In partnership with Brighton High School. Neighborhood House Charter, Dearborn STEM Academy and Gardner Pilot, their approach helps entire families learn about automation, coding and electronics to grow their own food. Check out the program here!

Lesley University

Lesley University is proposing a series of online workshops to help young people in Boston develop visual literacy skills through exposure to contemporary BIPOC photographers! The proposed workshops hope to explore racial justice through both online and offline exercises about image analysis and BIPOC self-representation, and expose students to skills aligned with design, photography, digital content and image-making. Lesley’s College of Art and Design currently partners with public and charter high schools in Cambridge and Somerville, and offers studio and discipline-specific workshops. Learn more about Lesley University’s programs here!

Neighborhood Design Project

In partnership with the Department of Human Service Programs, Neighborhood Design Project is dedicated to teaching young people – and adults who support and guide young people – design skills in an accessible, engaging and meaningful way. With the help of mentors and coaches, who are leaders in the design and innovation economies, teens learn strategies for problem identification and empathetic research methods before engaging with their communities to understand problems, identify livability challenges, and use creative problem solving to explore solutions. The program culminates with a presentation showcase and an exhibition of the work! Check out the Neighborhood Design Project here!


Alongside Boston’s high schools, community colleges, and corporate partners, NFTE is launching an innovative new Credit-For-Career initiative! NFTE envisions every Boston High School student will have the opportunity to create and launch their own business, and receive executive coaching from a cadre of corporate partners. NFTE students across Boston will earn college credit to local community colleges upon completion. Imagine, in a few years’ time, thousands of students across the city will graduate with their first business plan in hand, a robust internship experience, and college credits! Learn more about NFTE’s program here!