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Generation Success: Harnessing Boston’s Collective Energy to Prepare Students for College, Career and Life

Through our research, we understand that business leaders in Boston need a roadmap to help illustrate the types of efforts and programs that youth would find valuable. As part of Generation Success, we created a “bright spot toolkit” to feature high-quality programs in Boston that are run by businesses and private industries in the region. Our hope is to share examples of the great work already being done to prepare students for college, career and life after high school by industry groups, and motivate other businesses to follow suit.

Generation Success invites businesses as well as out-of-school providers to submit their programs as we expand this toolkit!

Generation Success Toolkit cover

If you are interested in learning more about how your business can become involved, check out these exciting opportunities for employers to engage with Boston-area schools and students now! 

Boston Private Industry Council
Discover how your business can build the workforce of tomorrow. Learn how you can host young people for office tours or job shadowing opportunities, hire high school students for entry-level positions or internships and/or join an industry convening.

BoSTEM United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley
Help present engaging STEM opportunities to Boston middle school students. Learn more about corporate volunteer programs and how you can host experiential learning workshops to young people or provide industry externships for teachers.