BPS Class of 2024 Challenge

What is the Class of 2024 Challenge?

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The Class of 2024 Challenge aims to help young people have the confidence, motivation and skills to achieve life as you define it!

Starting February 8 through May 1, 2021, Generation Success is working with Boston Public Schools (BPS) to ensure all 9th graders have the tools to successfully begin setting goals and ultimately complete their success (MyCAP) plans.

Why should I participate in the Challenge?

Thinking about your future plans in grade 9 will help you identify potential career pathways and open up new and exciting opportunities, like internships, summer expeditions, and community programs.

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How do I get started? 

Check out the Naviance platform to begin your My Career & Academic Plan (MyCAP)!

There are 3 important tasks to complete by May 1:

  • Career Cluster Finder. Explore your career paths in a broader manner, and see how career clusters are linked to your interests and talents. 
  • Learning Style Inventory. Discover your learning style preference and plan how to use it throughout your education and postsecondary plans.
  • Academic SMART Goal. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. Create a goal in an area that can help you to successfully complete grade nine. 

Here is an easy link to access all of your tasks - but don’t forget that you can contact your school counselor for help!

There are prizes! 

Students who complete all three tasks by May 1 will be eligible for prizes and rewards! The Generation Success team is exploring student rewards for beginning their MyCAP. Items may include Class of 2024 swag, steaming services gift cards, an electronic badge that can be used to apply for jobs, or sponsored end of the year class events when the weather is warm.  

What happens after I complete the MyCAP Tasks?

District staff, school staff and school-based partners will measure how each district and each school is working towards completing their three MyCAP tasks.