The Generation Success Challenge

We invite you to share your ideas: 

How might we help Boston’s high school students go beyond exposure to local industries to get meaningful learning and skills that they can leverage after graduation – even now during the pandemic?


We believe all young people have the right to pursue their spark and chart their own course.  That’s why at the Boston Opportunity Agenda, we’re asking Boston’s caring adults in schools, after-school programs, businesses, government and neighborhoods to think boldly about how we might help young people prepare for the universe of opportunities in our city and region.  

teacher with students

When young people know that we are by their side as coaches and friends, they are even more driven to learn and embrace new experiences. And they are more likely to be lifelong learners equipped to achieve their goals, reach financial security and engage in civic life.

Currently, less than half of students who graduate from Boston’s district, charter and Catholic schools are prepared to pursue higher education – despite more than half of all job vacancies in the city requiring at least an Associate’s degree. These readiness gaps are widening as COVID-19 continues to disproportionately impact Black, Latinx, Asian and Native American students.  

We’d like to invest a total of $30,000 into collaborative groups consisting of a small business and/or non-profit and school building or district. We will determine the final award amount and number of groups based on the submissions that we receive.


Teacher with students
Collage of school photos

As of December 7, our submission process for the Generation Success Challenge has officially closed. Stay tuned for a decision on our grant winners in early 2021!