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Goals and Measures

The education pipeline begins by building a solid education foundation for all of our city’s children and continues through the entire K-16 education system, effectively preparing Boston’s students for high school and college graduation and success in our workforce.  It extends to adults, including parents and immigrants who have missed or been denied opportunities for education and job training in order to prepare them for jobs with family-sustaining wages. 

The Boston Opportunity Agenda has set goals and benchmarks at critical points along the education pipeline in order to track the health of our educational systems.  Working with the Boston Indicators Project and the Boston Public Schools Office of Data and Accountability, the Boston Opportunity Agenda annually publishes a report card detailing progress against the goals using data from the Boston Public Schools and the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  In 2014, we expanded our K-12 pipeline goals to include Catholic and charter schools in Boston.  This represents 93% of the school age population in Boston and gives a better picture of how all learners are progressing.